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2019 dive watches that you should buy in 2020 without hesitation

Breitling dive watch

When is the best time to buy something ​new and just recently made available in the market? 

​Like when you are buying a new car, best time ​for buying a new ​watch (the one you had your eyes on the whole year) is​​ after ​​you put your new calendar on the wall.

There are several reasons for that: first, obvious one, is that the stores are trying to push the sales up after holiday s​eason, improve their cash ​flow as the orders are being made and ​they have to pay for new stock. Second reason is pure psychology of the buyers - deep pocketed trendsetters are less willing to spend their money for "last year" models.

So, if you are not part of that wealthy group, now is the perfect time to find the  best deals for generation ​2019 dive watches​.



​​Reason to buy

Our Rating



​Bulova Oceanographer Green

Phoibos PY022B Great Wall dive watch

​Phoibos Great Wall PY022B

​Great dive watch features

Yema Superman Mysterious blue

​Yema Superman Mysterious Blue

​​inhouse movement + case


​​​Oris Aquis Date Relief

​Design + story


​Victorinox I.N.O.X. Professional Diver 241845

Swiss ​ISO in sub $100


​Citizen Promaster Diver BJ7128-59E

​Pepsi colours, GMT