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5 amazing dress watch models that will make you look good in any business suit

Rolex as a dress watch

A dive watch and dress watch are generally a polar opposite to each other. 

If you want to dress-up, you go for the dress watch. The diver is for the pool, vacation, shirt and shorts, and all that jazz.

Rolex as a dress watch

But, what if you are looking for something that can do both?

And additionally, what if you are on a tighter budget? Sure you can get the best of Switzerland when some five thousand dollars are burning a hole in your pocket, but there are suitable timepieces in every price range (just a note - be sure to check our Amazing list of dive watches available for under $200).

​What is a dress ​watch? 

Dress watch is any watch that you feel comfortable pairing with a business suit, shirt or a dress. It has to have appropriate dimension, not too big or you will not be able to button your sleeves, and not too small not to make an impression.

The dial shouldn't be very cluttered but rather minimalistic and clean. The whole case and the lugs should be nicely rounded so they can slip under the sleeve of a dress shirt. Last but not least, the strap should be elegant, meaning that NATO straps would usually be avoided.

So, what should you expect from a wristwatch that is both pool-friendly and somewhat ready for an ISO 6425 rating? And also not too bulky or too pricey on a dressy style watch. Rotating bezel for timing is preferable, but in this case it should be thin and subdued.

Dress dive watch for a businessman

Although steel bracelet might work very well with some dress watches, leather can move the whole watch more to the dressy side and balance it out nicely. As you can read in some other reviews I did (eg. Phoibos PY015D with Crazy Horse leather strap)

Dress dive watches are becoming an attractive subcategory in dive watch world. Many brands have been extending their product lines, and there is a significant offering to choose from.

You have probably heard about Seiko and Orient with their Mako line. As much as they are brilliant watch brands, today I want to shift focus to less known brands that are trying to make it as newcomers to the market while still offering good bang for the buck.

With smaller and newer brands it is hard to tell whether they offer good quality for the price and lots of times they just import cheap watches right from China. What we are looking for are watches with unique designs with good levels of polishing and finishing that can play the role of a dress watch.

James Bond scene with Rolex

How to distinguish good from bad crop? Unfortunately only close-up high quality ​photos or hands-on investigation with ​magnifying glass can tell apart cheap knockoffs from original timepieces. 

​What are the best dress divers that you can actually afford? 

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​​Reason to buy

Our Rating


Best value


Spinnaker Fleuss SP-5055-04

Great features, great price


Jack Mason Prodiver 42mm 

Great looking black case


Stuhrling Cobia 966B

​Sapphire crystal glass


Casio MDV-106

Price - around $50


Wenger Seaforce

​Great classic design

​​S​pinnaker ​Fleuss ​SP-5055-04

I would like to start off my recommendation list with an exceptionally unique piece from a micro brand called Spinnaker. They are a young brand focusing on watches inspired by yachting.

The exact model that is shown in the image is called Spinnaker Fleuss SP-5055-04, and it embodies all of the points for the perfect dressy diver.

Spinnaker dive watch logo

​S​pinnaker ​Fleuss ​SP-5055-04

Overall Rating: