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Citizen Promaster BN0150 review – king of affordable dive watches?

Citizen BN0150-28E

​UPDATE: Citizen BN0150 is placed on the list of best dive watches under $200 category, be sure to check it out.

Citizen Promaster BN0150-28E is one of the most popular divers' watches at this moment. Even now, 30 years after introduction to the market it is still popular as an everyday piece and watch to enter horology spheres.

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Citizen Promaster BN0150-28E

Our Rating:

How good is Citizen Promaster BN0150-28E?

Simply put - it's one of the best buy watches you can find

What We Liked

  • Great design focused on making the watch very visible when worn
  • Price vs quality ratio is great, you get more than you will pay
  • Eco Drive solar charging is relieving you from the battery changing
  • Great durability of the watch, people proudly wear it for 20+ years

What To Look Out For

  • Band that comes with the watch doesn’t follow the visual quality of the watch, and it can feel too stiff
  • Setting the date can be time consuming with find the date position with the crown
  • 60 points bezel gives rougher and cheaper feel compared to 120 points bezel
  • Compromise is made with including the mineral crystal and not sapphire crystal glass

History of Citizen Promaster series

What is the difference between Citizen Promaster BN0151-09L and the BN0150-28E?

About the product

Citizen Promaster BN0150-28E on the table

Technical feature list

  • 44m mm case with mineral crystal display
  • One way rotating bezel
  • Stainless steel casing with silver-tone and Promaster crown
  • Polyurethane rubber strap with ripples and dive table
  • Quartz movement with analog display
  • Caliber E168
  • ISO 6425 certified
  • Water resistant to 660 ft (200 m / 20Bar)


Although you get a polyurethane strap in the original packaging (in most of the versions), you can upgrade to a more luxurious feel by attaching the stainless strap to it.

In both combinations, for male population this watch will get most of the wrist wearing time independent of the watch collection owned, as the elegant design fits formal and less formal occasions.

The band at the beginning gives more hardened feeling, but once you put it on, you quickly adapt to the feeling on the wrist and the overall weight of the watch.

On the longer side of the strap, there are diving tables printed and the buckle is made of stainless steel.

Citizen divers watch

Look and feel (case and dial)

Diameter of the case is 44m (lug to lug measured by buyers at 48mm) and protected by Crystal Mineral Glass. Some buyers expressed concerns as it is less durable than Sapphire Crystal, but in practice this hasn’t been an issue.

The center of the watch is occupied by a very well made black matt dial, with hour dial having silver borders and are filled with lume.

Visual design

Citizen Promaster BN0150-28E is one of the coolest watches that you can find out there. If you are searching for the watch that you can wear with the business suit, casual wear and under the sea and still make an impression in all situations - this will be your best choice.

All the design details on case and dial are focused on giving it great visibility and making you stand out just by having it on your wrist.

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For the night situations, when you are driving your date home, the glow from your watch will give you confidence that many luxurious and more expensive watches couldn’t.

How is this achieved?

With smart and effective details. The markings on the dial (indices) and hands have a blue glow, and together with bezel’s green glow make one of the strongest points of this watch visual design.

Both hands are filled with lume, which is a feature not usual within this price category. 

During the day, visual impact is achieved with color contrast between hands (very prominent by size) and the black mat case surface below them. Hour hand has a silver border, but the minute hand has an orange border boosting the impact even more.

So yes - wear this watch when you want to make an impression or you just need a confidence boost.

Eco Drive solar charging system

Eco Drive system of solar charging and quartz mechanism point to the primary customer target for this watch, as non automatic mechanisms could be disregarded by more demanding divers.

Solar charging system is powering E168 Caliber, which should keep the time accuracy within 15 seconds range per month (small disclaimer:  if used in an environment with temperatures between 41 and 95 °F (5 and 35 ˚C), so don’t be surprised if you are late for the meeting when you are back from ski vacation).

From experience of other buyers, this range is usually within +-5 seconds per month.


Citizen Promaster BN0150-28E, as well as BN0151-09L, has a very textured bezel making it easier to manage and turn the bezel around.

Small compromise was made by making it a 60 step round, instead of 120 as expected by divers, but for the purpose it was made for it doesn't have a major impact. Clicks when rotating bezel are well done, making the planned turn easier to achieve.

Citizen BN0150

Where to buy Citizen Promaster BN0150-28E? Buying Guide

Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150-28E is a classic watch that holds its attractiveness among multiple generations. It is not a trendy piece that got to its popularity due to changes in trends and because of that it is rarely out of stock in popular stores.

You can check the price and availability on Amazon here:

If you decide to buy it directly from the manufacturer (US site) you will be granted a 5 year warranty, and additionally you can register online for an additional year of guarantee after the purchase. Non-US buyers can register and get 1 year guarantee on localized Citizen sites. 

Check out the full list of countries where Citizen is directly represented - Citizen's Global Network

BN0150-28E model on US local website

Model is called sligthly different in European markets: Citizen Promaster BN0150-10e

If you've already bought Citizen Promaster BN0150-28E (or any other Citizen model) check out additional options available on one of the Authorized sellers website: Hurley Roberts Service Company.

Should you buy it? The verdict

Citizen BN0150-28E is a good buy, combining classic, but effective design with technical quality. It is a durable watch that can handle a lot and it can serve you in many situations. If you are looking for the best watch under $200 or you are looking for your first dive watch - this should be your first option.

On the other hand, if you already own a watch collection, small compromises Citizen has made in watch built will probably make you search for other options.

Yes, I want to check prices on Amazon one more time:

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