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3 GMT dive watches for under $1000 that are a perfect choice for frequent travellers

Omega seamaster gmt black on steel

Diving watches are the representation of adventurous spirit in the watch community. Dive watch can take some beating and can be taken under water without any issues, and sometimes can be dressed up to suit the occasion. Still, there is a big difference between pure dive watch and a dress watch. GMT watches are combination of both, watch for underwater adventures and formal events with a dress code.

There is a good reason why lots of people choose divers' watches as their first, or sometimes even as their only watch. The luminous indices, rotating bezel and water resistance are quite simple yet very usable features.

If you are looking for a dive watch, it's good to have an idea of what you need, since the dive watch market is heavily oversaturated.

There is a vast variety in style, functionality, brands, movement, and so on. And yes, there are lots of Rolex Submariner wannabes, and some of them even quite good.

What is a GMT dive watch?

The feature that I want to tell you more about is the GMT (short for Greenwich Main Time) function.

Omega seamaster gmt black on steel

GMT watches have ability to track time for 2 different time zones in parallel, and this is the reason for their popularity, especially among business types (formerly known as yuppies). They are equipped with an additional hour hand and an additional dial that has a 24 hour dial alongside the classic 12 hours markers used on dive watches.

If one travels a lot, the last thing he or she wants to forget is to set the watch to a proper time and miss out on an important meeting or dinner with business partners.

I will be looking at 3 GMT dive watches from a price point of between 500 to a 1000 dollars, all of them representing a particular style and use.

At this price point, one can expect to get a watch that has the potential to withstand decades to come.



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Alpina Seastrong Diver 300M GMT

Resilient watch


Mühle-Glashütte Seebataillon GMT

​Rolex Submariner you can afford 

Phoibos PX002B is a great desk diver watch

​Phoibos PX002B 300M

​Sapphire crystal glass

Alpina Seastrong Diver 300M GMT

Alpina dive watches logo

Alpina Seastrong Diver AL-247LNO4TV6)

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