Neymar 44mm 1000m – should you care about this dive watch?

Neymar 44mm 1000m in a box


Here we have another watch from Chinese watchmaking company having an obvious rolemodel for its design.

Sharing a name with a popular Brasilian soccer player - company Neymar is getting traction and interest due to quality and price. Very similar to Phoibos PX005C, Neymar 1000m diver's watch has multiple great features that are usually hard to find in that price category.

To be direct and simple, Neymar 44mm 1000m is a workhorse watch for a great price.

Neymar 44mm 1000m in a box
Neymar logo

Neymar 44mm 1000m dive watch

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History of Neymar

This will not be a long section... Neymar has been on the market since 1995 and brand was registered in 2011 (not very long for a watchmaker brand, but for a Chinese watchmaker we can consider them as an established brand).

By their own claim they take inspiration from Berlin watchmaking culture, probably meaning they are not following philosophy of craftmanship like the Swiss, and focusing more on production and getting the product to the market.

Neymar fall

Similarity between Neymar soccer player and Neymar watches is that they both have capability of diving and self-winding...

First dive watch Neymar introduced in 2015, offering a device that can go 1000m underwater, which will be the approach taken in most of subsequent dive watch models.

Neymar currently offers 15 different watch models, separated in 5 categories segmented by the colors: Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, Black, Bronze (with Bronze line having the majority of the models)

Neymar 1000m - quick overview

It is a premium looking, but affordable watch, great features, but with small issues with details


  • 1000m water resistance
  • 5mm thick sapphire glass
  • Ceramic bezel with 120 movements
  • Comes with a tool to resize the bracelet


  • Very big watch - not for a small hand (8'' or more) or to wear under a shirt and suit
  • No divers' extension
  • Details (finishing) of the watch are not the best 

Technical list of NEYMAR 44m 1000m:

First produced



Made of stainless steel, with diameter of 44mm and 16mm thickness


Stainless steel, 20 mm wide and with 4 possible lengths


Ceramic made, unidirectional with 120 positions


Seiko's NH35 movement



Water resistance


How good are elements of the watch?

We have prepared a guide for learning how to buy a good dive watch and what are the most important details to pay attention to. I would strongly advise you to go through it (if you feel you need a guide) before you continue with the review - Dive watch essential guide


The case on the NEYMAR 44mm 1000m is made of stainless steel, standard 316L. As it's name states, it has diameter of 44m, with 53mm measured lug to lug. As you can imagine, this is one big watch. It should fit you ok if your wrist is around 20cm (8''), measured as circumference.

Still, even if your wrist is big enough to make this watch reasonably fit, you could have issues with wearing it under your shirt. Your shirt cufflinks will hate this watch...

Neymar 44mm 1000m on wrist

Key selling proposition of this watch is it's sapphire crystal glass, 5mm thick. It makes this watch both, robust and great looking. If you drop this watch on the floor, I would be more afraid about your floor tiles than for the case glass.

Regarding the design, it looks mighty... But, I wouldn't expect anything less from a watch that makes a (khm...) tribute  to Rolex Sea-Dweller. Dial is black, with a big "Neymar" written under 12 o'clock mark and additional text under, just above 6 o'clock position. Watch also has date function, with date window placed at 3 o'clock mark.

Neymar 44mm on wrist

Hands are direct copy (let's call it like it is) of Rolex Sea-Dweller, with Mercedes mark on the hour hand and a very long minute hand. All markings on the dial (hours, minutes) and hands are white with silver border. 

Automatic Helium Release Valve is there, although you will probably never need it, and it is located at 9 o'clock position.

It has a screw down crown, positioned at 3 o'clock. Crown has 3 stages, winding, date and hour.

Lume used is Swiss made (at least something with Swiss origin in this watch), Super-lume BGW9. From the experience of the owners of the watch, lume could be better, there were cases where lume lost its glow after year or 2 of wearing.

Neymar 44mm 1000m lume


Bezel is ceramic made, unidirectional and with 120 possible positions. Small addition are writings on the inner side of the bezel: "Helium Release Valve" and "547 Fathoms". Nice move to increase the perception that they are paying attention to details, as it is expected from a watchmaker. 

Interestingly, numbers on the bezel are somehow smaller than on Rolex Sea-Dweller, but a bit thicker. 

In general, bezel on this watch shouldn't give you any troubles. 


Bracelet on Neymar 44mm 1000m is made of stainless steel. It enables 4 microadjustments, but there is no divers' extension which is a big remark for a diver's watch. 

If you are asking if the bracelet comes with friction pins or screw-ins - the answer is friction pins. Good practice with the Neymar in this case is that it packages the tool for exchanging the bracelet together with the watch

Neymar 44mm 1000m bracelet

If you decide to change the bracelet (my first guess would be because you are trying to reduce the total weight of the watch) you should probably know that it is 20mm wide.


Mechanism used is Seiko's NH35, unbranded version of their 4R35 movement that is integrated in Seiko watches. Overall reliability is good, Seiko claims -20 to +40 seconds per day precision, and according to users of other watches with this movement (eg.Invicta) you should be prepared to adjust around 10 seconds per day.

Seiko NH35 caliber schema

How do you wind this mechanism? Just wave your hand... It has Seiko Magic Lever inside, and if you shake the watch it should start ticking.

How do you make it fully wound up? NH35 caliber should be wound after 55 manual turns of the crown.

Where and how to buy Neymar 44mm 1000m?

As with all good Chinese manufacturers and merchants, Neymar offers delivery around the world. Just be patient after your order.

From the experience that other owners had, customer service is very responsive, they try their best which compensates their lower English level.

Neymar logo

Neymar 44mm 1000m dive watch

Our Rating:

Warranty is keeping up with the standards, duration is two years (except for man-made damage). If you have issues with your Neymar watch, try to contact manufacturer directly, maybe the easiest solution is to return it and get a replacement or a refund.

Neymar watches are, as you may guessed going through this review, available at Through Amazon you get free shipping and delivery in few days. 

Manufacturers link:  Neymar company

AmazonNeymar 44mm 1000m

If you don't care about the brand (which would be surprising in this case), you can go with the BLWRX watch with the same features and technical details. At the moment price is the same, except that for BLWRX you have an option of buying it on installments on Amazon: BLWRX 44mm 1000m

What we were able to check, price of this watch has a tendency to go down, being listed at above $350, now it is usually under $250 (limited time offers pull down the price below $170).

Final verdict - is Neymar 44mm 1000m a good buy?

​Simple answer - yes. This is a watch with great features and affordable price. 

A bit longer answer  - if you want some exclusivity and standing out with your watch, one of many Rolex ​hommage pieces will not be your first choice.

Price and quality make Neymar 44mm 1000m a great everyday watch, but not for more formal occasion or to wear under the suit.

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