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Yema Superman Bronze Bordeaux – review of new vintage dive watch coming from France

Yema Superman Bronze Bordeaux vintage dive watch case

Looking for a vintage dive watch? I have another recommendation for you coming from the French watchmaker Yema -- Yema Superman Bronze Bordeaux.

First thing you will notice on this watch is the colour combination. As it's name states, it combines bronze colour of the case, bordeaux (wine-red) bezel, with matte black case.

Yema logo
Yema Superman Bronze Bordeaux

YEMA Superman Bronze Bordeaux

Overall Rating:






​Water resistance

This colour explosion is further emphasized with the green-yellow NATO strap

Great thing about the design is that colour combination and minimalistic design of the watch have managed to work complementary.

About Yema

When you check on the map where Yema's headquarter and manufacturing facility is located you'll understand how it became the strongest watchmaking brand of France.

Current location is on the very border with Switzerland and practically it is a part of the world famous Watch Valley, the center of Swiss watchmaking. Yema moved to Marteau after being acquired by Montres Ambreu (adding Yema to already rich collection of famous watch brands).

Switzerland Watch Valley

City of Yema's origin is Besançon, where Henry Belmont, himself being a student of Swiss National watchmaking school in Besançon, founded the company and created French watchmaking history.

Yema Superman line traces back to 1963 when the first dive watch was released with the 300m water resistance and Yema's signature element - bezel lock system

In recent years, after being acquired by Montres Ambreu, Yema focused on designing and producing their own caliber- MBP 1000. It is self-winding, automatic caliber with  28,800 A/h frequency and 45h of power reserve..

Another innovation in their approach is foundation of Yema CoLabs, a platform for crowdsourced development of new watch models. For me personally, it is really interesting to read the comments from Yema fans during the development process.

Vintage design of the case

Coming back to the watch and the case - it's made of brushed bronze, 39mm in diameter. Smaller case means it should fit people with smaller wrist, like me. Honestly, I find smaller and thinner watch cases (this watch is 13mm thick) more useful because you can easily combine it with long sleeved business shirt. 

Yema Superman Bronze Bordeaux vintage dive watch

This is a vintage dive watch, it is inspired with the history of the Yema Superman line. And case design itself is a tribute to the Yema's legacy - background is matte black, giving the markers and hands a good contrast to their white colour.

Markers and hands have strong borders following the same colour pattern as the case (bronze). If Yema wanted to make a clown watch, they could have added another tone in the mix.

I am grateful they did not...

Bronze colour elements on the case would in general go unnoticed, but they are actually a key final touch in achieving realistic vintage watch design

Yema Superman Bronze Bordeaux vintage dive watch case

Glass covering the case is made of Sapphire Crystal, you will not get scratches easily on it, and with 2,6mm thickness of the glass you should be safe from breaking it (but still - be careful of hard blows).

With the standard anti-reflective coating, domed crystal glass on YEMA Superman Bronze Bordeaux gives proper visibility above the water surface and under the sun.

For underwater adventures, if you take this watch with you into the deep, Super-LumiNova C5 lume will help you to track your dive time with its green(ish) glow. 

Bezel looks fantastic!

Additional helpful thing, if you would actually use this watch as a dive watch, is the bezel. Bezel is the bordeaux part in the name of Yema Bordeaux. I really like the spirit of royalness that is incorporated in the burgundy colour. 

Yema Superman Bronze Burgundy lume view

From the more technical perspective, it is a sapphire bezel and has 60 positions (unidirectional). 

As mentioned above, all Yema Superman models (since 1963) are equipped with a bezel-lock mechanism. It is a nice addition, but only useful for conservative divers operating a bezel for timing their dives. It's used as an additional security for assuring that bezel will not accidentally move without diver noticing it.

About the MBP-1000 movement

Acquisition of Montre Ambreu watchmaking group enabled Yema to invest in research and development and creation of their own in-house movement. It was a 4-year long process of trial and error until finally MBP-1000 came to see the light of the day. 

MBP-1000 consists of (among other things) 31 jewels, it is prepared for 3 hands and capable of bi-directional winding via oscillating rotor. 

It works on 28 800 A/h beat and it should save you from too frequent time adjustments. But, as with every analog watch, you will have to do it occasionally and for that purpose, movement's stop-second function will come in handy. 

Yema's in-house movement was checked, tested and certified by French Watch Technical Laboratory (CETEHOR). Interesting to learn is that CeTeHor is also based in Besançon, where Yema was originally founded.

If you are interested about other watches with Yema's in house movement, check out our reviews of Yema Superman Mysterious Blue and Yema Superman GMT. Spoiler alert - these are great watches too.

NATO or rubber strap?

YEMA Superman Bronze Bordeaux is coming with 2 strap variations - NATO and rubber strap. Rubber variant (new Heritage TPU Dive Watch Band) is black and gives the watch more classic look by tempering down the colour mix of the watch.

NATO strap, on the other hand, combines navy green and yellow and transforms the Yema Superman into a military look vintage watch. 

Straps are  around 19mm wide and pretty comfortable. Clasp is bronze coloured and engraved with subtle Yema's logo. 

Yema Bronze Burgundy NATO strap
Yema Bronze Burgundy rubber strap


Vintage Dive watch strap Yema